Build on your knowledge of nutrient and soil water management and the latest technologies allowing you to irrigate more effectively and efficiently.

In these free workshops we hope to answer the following questions:

  • Nutrient managment - why are we doing this?
  • Irrigation and nutrient management - how do they fit together?
  • Water use efficiency – how can we improve this on our farm?
  • Precision agriculture – how can this increase farm profitability?
  • Irrigation technology – what new technologies could be a game-changer for my farming operation?
Opuha June 21 3pm
Darfield June 27 3pm
Culverden June 28 1pm
Glenavy July 12 9.30am
Weston July 12 2pm
Twizel July 26 2pm
Cromwell July 27 9.30am
Ranfurly July 27 3pm

All workshops will run for two and a half hours with drinks and nibbles to follow.

To register please visit

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Irricon has been approved as a FEMP provider by the Hawkes Bay Regional Council.

Under Tukituki Plan Change 6, farms in the catchment of more than 4ha (or 10 ha if your property is low intensity) are required to submit a Farm Environment Management Plan (FEMP) by 31 May 2018.  Irrcon has been approved by the Hawkes Bay Regional as a FEMP provider. 

Please check the Regional Council website for further information and get in touch with Lilian if she can assist you with this. 021 378308 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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